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The McHenry County Criminal Defense Laywer

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Huntley Police Reports and Criminal Cases

Criminal Defense Attorney David B. Franks routinely handles these types of criminal cases: • Reports of a theft from a vehicle and criminal damage to a vehicle were taken Tuesday, July 23, in the 10700 block of Oregon Trail. A DVD was reported stolen from the vehicle,...

Unlawful Use of Weapon in Huntley

What is Unlawful Use of Weapon? Unlawful use of weapon is a criminal offense that occurs when an individual purchases, sells, manufactures, certain types of weapons.  For example, you may not carry a blackjack, sand-club or sand-bag, metal or brass knuckles,...

Huntley Criminal Child Endangerment is a Serious Charge

A criminal child endangerment charge is a serious charge, whether in Huntley, Marengo, or Crystal Lake.  If’ you’ve been arrested in McHenry County on for child endangerment, then you should retain the services of an experienced Criminal Lawyer.  David B....