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Unlawful Use of Weapon in Huntley

Jun 10, 2013 | Huntley

What is Unlawful Use of Weapon?

Unlawful use of weapon is a criminal offense that occurs when an individual purchases, sells, manufactures, certain types of weapons.  For example, you may not carry a blackjack, sand-club or sand-bag, metal or brass knuckles, switchblade knife, or similar type weapon.  It can also apply to broken bottles that are intended to be used as a weaon, a tear gas or other noxious gas projector, automatic weapons, tasers, crossbows, short barrel rifles or shot guns.  These are just a few of the weapons, as the list is quite long and can include any number of improvided weapons.

If you or some one you know has been charged with Unlawful Use of Weapon, you should immediately retain the services of an experienced criminal lawyer.  The laws and consequences of breaking them are varied and complicated in the state of Illinois, and a good criminal defender may make the difference between a conviction or pleading to lesser charges.

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