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What Are The Best Defenses For A Criminal Harassment

May 15, 2021 | Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense Attorney, McHenry County Criminal Charge

When it comes to a criminal harassment lawsuit, a lot of factors come to play. However, what determines the court’s outcome will depend on the defenses you and your attorney deploy. Using the proper punch will ensure you walk away without any jail term, but doing otherwise could spell doom.

Stalking or criminal harassment is a punishable offence. Although the law varies from state to state, working with an experienced attorney will make a lot of difference. If you find yourself in this shackle of criminal harassment, here are some strong defenses which you can use to neutralize the situation and walk away from a free person.

  1. Unreasonable Fear

One way to argue this case is to propound that the complainant’s fear is unfounded under the circumstances. If you have a relationship with the complainant, you can talk about your relationship; even go into details to disclose the context of such relations. With boldness, you have to explicitly state that there is no basis to prove that your behavior was threatening to say the least.

  1. No Intent

Furthermore, you can also argue that there was never intent of such. You have never conceived the idea before throughout your lifetime as a model citizen. By working with an experienced attorney, you both will be able to work out more defenses that help neutralize the complainant’s testimony. You can also plea to the court’s emotions by stating without weaving that you never intended to make the complainant feel unsafe, afraid to the extent of filing a lawsuit.

  1. Loopholes In Complainant’s Mental Well Health

Is the complainant on some drugs that make him or her go paranoid? You can easily find out by hiring a private investigator or maybe asking relations who know the complainant so well. If there is evidence that the complainant is on some drugs that could alter their moods, that could be your ticket of getting out of court without any hassle.

  1. Destroy All Evidence

To ensure that your complainant’s testimonies are nullified, you first have to ensure that evidence against you is utterly destroyed. By working closely with your attorney, he should be able to come up with a fact that paints you in good light. Going further, you could convince the court how unreasonable and unimportant criminal harassment seems, as you already have a fantastic relationship both with the complainant and others in the community.

  1. Peace Bond

Signing a peace bond will mandates you stay away from the victim and avoid contact for a year. Can you do that? Of course, unless you’ve been dreaming of spending the rest of your life behind bars. Meanwhile, you will need to comply with specific conditions such as displaying good behavior, keeping the peace at all times, and reporting to probation when necessary.


Getting away from criminal harassment is possible with the proper defenses of an attorney. Although the processes could be overwhelming, playing according to your attorney’s directives will ensure you walk away with minimal damage or none at all.

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