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Woodstock Criminal Trespass to Motor Vehicle

Apr 5, 2013 | Criminal Defense, McHenry County Criminal Charge

Trespass to Motor Vehicle in Woodstock Il is not just a juvenile prank, it’s an arrest that will be put on your record.  This is definitely not a good thing because it put a black mark on your name and could have serious conquences that will give you a poor start in life.  For example, having an arrest on your record might get you labeled as a trouble-maker when you start high school or cause you to get turned down on your University applications.  If this has happened to you, then you should retain the services of an attorney who handles juvenile crimes.

David B. Franks, a criminal defense lawyer at Franks and Rechenberg, P.C., handles juvenile cases.  Mr. Franks can defend juveniles who have been accused of crimes in Woodstock, or assist juveniles in sealing or expunging their criminal records.  Even an arrest that did not lead to a conviction looks bad on your permanent, so juvenile offenders will definitely want to find out their legal options.

Contact Attorney David B. Franks today for assistance with your juvenile record, or with a Woodstock Trespass to Motor Vehicle.


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