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Police Intimidation in Marengo

Aug 9, 2013 | McHenry County Criminal Charge

Police intimidation is not just something you read about in a big city newspaper.  There are documented instances of this happening in McHenry County IL.  In 2004, a Marengo man claimed that while he was at the police station to give a statement regarding police brutality, which he claimed occurred when he was arrested for an altercation at a local festival.  After signing his report of police brutality, he was charged with filing a false police brutatality claim.  The police officer who was the focus of the brutality charge attempted to intimidate he and his family.  Despite a two-year legal battle, nothing was ever proved, and the police officer eventually resigned.

Victims of any type of police brutality or intimidation may be entitled to a settlement or some other recompense for any injuries sustained or for mental anguish and suffering.  However, these are generally hard cases to prove in court and may even make the problem worse for the individuals involved.  In order to find out whether you have a chance of winning such a case, contact our office for a free initial consulation.

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