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Aug 9, 2013 | Criminal Defense, DeKalb County Criminal Charge

Expert Criminal Defense

Expert Criminal Defense Attorneys in McHenry CountyWhether the crime you are accused of committing has you facing misdemeanor, felony, or Juvenile criminal charges, David B. Franks has the experience to provide you with a serious, aggressive criminal defense.

Having previously served McHenry County and Cook county as a prosecutor for the State’s Attorney’s Office, David B. Franks has an insider’s knowledge of the inner workings of the law, giving him a wealth of experience when it comes to criminal defense.  As such, representation by David B. Franks makes a big difference between a successful outcome and a poor outcome.  Mr. Franks’ experience and ability are such that  he has been chosen as a recipient of the prestigeous Martindale-Hubbel “Preeminent” Award for “Highest Possible Rating in Both Legal Ability and Ethical Standards.”

Mr. Franks can also represent your child in Juvenile court if they are accused of committing a criminal act before their 17th birthday.  Depending on factors such seriousness of the offence, the minor’s past record, the strength of the evidence against the minor, and the minor’s attitude, appearance, and behavior, David B. Franks can help minors avoid formal charges, get lesser sentences, or get their case dismissed.  (Note: All cases are different, so these outcomes are not guaranteed).



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