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Jul 30, 2013 | Woodstock

Sex Crimes in the Digital Age in Woodstock IL

A lot of sex crimes are obvious and easy to define: rape, statutory rape (sex with a minor), indecent exposure, child pornography, exploitation of a minor,  and so on.  The recording, filming, and photography of minors engaged in exploitive exhibition or sexual contact has been around as long as those mediums have existed.  But the last 25 years have seen a multitude of new charges added to these due the advent of the Internet and the easy distribution of pornography through digital and multimedia channels.    All it takes is a computer and webcam to set up a low-cost production or distribution of illegal sexual material. It takes even less equipment to view or receive such material. It’s easy to find willing viewers/buyers and even participants through Internet sites such as Craiglist.  Even facebook and other clean or family-oriented social online communities have to be constantly vigilant to avoid “cyberporn” in the form of explicit photos and/or inappropriate text-based texts.

This form of crime goes on every day online to varying extents.  Often, it’s hard to track down the individuals responsible for these typesof sex crimes, and it also would be cost prohibitive to track every one of them down and press charges.  However, there do seem to be a large number of individuals, mostly males, who are arrested for having child pornography on their computers or other digital devices, often with the “intent to distribute” these materials.  The prosecution of such individuals is often harshly and zealously done by prosecutors, so that those accused of such crimes need to retain the services of a qualified Criminal Attorney to make sure their rights are protected.

Yes, even in this type of case, accused offenders have rights, as do all those accused of a criminal charge.  For instance, was the offense merely one or possession and not intent to distribute.  This can be a very gray area of the law, and “yes/no” answer may not get at the true heart of the matter.

David B. Franks is experienced in defending those accused of crimes such as those described above.  He understands and keeps current with the “digital” or “cybercrime” side of the law, as well as for more easily recognizeable crimes.  Whether you are located in Woodstock, McHenry County, Lake County, or Boone County, call 847-854-7700 today for assistance.

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