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The McHenry County Criminal Defense Laywer

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Need A Woodstock IL Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Feb 17, 2013 | Woodstock

Have you been accused or arrested for a crime such as armed robbery in Woodstock, IL?

If so, you need to find a good Woodstock Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible.

Attorney David B. Franks is an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney with over two decades of experience in Criminal Law.  Mr. Franks can provide a high level of legal defense at a reasonable cost for most criminal offenses, including assault, battery, burglary, possession of weapons and violent crime, to name just a few.  No matter what you are charged with, you may have a defense, such as insufficient evidence to prove the charge against you, an illegal traffic stop, or improper testing. Attorney Franks has successfully represented people in McHenry County, Lake County, Boone County and DeKalb County.  For a free initial consultation, call David Franks today at 847-854-7700 or fill out the form below.

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