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Why does LinkedIn show me a different profile when I log in from different computers?

Aug 4, 2013 | David B. Franks

As a busy lawyer, I depend on my LinkedIn account as a way for potential clients to learn about my qualifications before making the decision to retain my services.

Over the past day or so, I noticed that when logging into Linked in from my office computer, my profile came up correctly, but on my home computer I got a different version.  Some research indicated that this is not an uncommon problem for people who have been using LinkedIn for several years.

An email to my webmaster cleared this up.  Evidently, LinkedIn updated the look of everybody’s profile a while back, and as a result, an old link or shortcut (created before the update) will take you to your old profile.  To make sure you are seeing your latest and most up to date profile, login directly at

As mentioned in the opening of this article, LinkedIn is a great way for potential clients to evaluate the qualifications of the lawyer or lawyers they are considering hiring.  Conversely, a great way to give feedback on a lawyer that you have used is  Simply create a free account there and you’ll be able to let others who may be in a situation similar to yours know how and if your lawyer helped you or solved your legal problem, and how you felt about how you were treated by the lawyer and the staff.  Your experience enriches  the wealth of consumer data out there and helps others make informed decisions, so please take a moment to review your lawyer on Yelp!, Google+, or any other social media.

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