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Understanding How To Expunge Your Juvenile Record

Aug 15, 2019 | Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense Attorney

Growing up with a criminal record as a juvenile can greatly impact your future. From not getting into college to being denied employment, it is crucial to one’s future to get their record expunged. Expungement refers to all records of your juvenile record being destroyed and removed from government’s control.

In most cases, all juvenile offenders have the ability to get their record expunged once they turn eighteen. However, in some cases including felony sex offenses and first-degree murder, an offender will not be able to get their record wiped clean.

There are certain guidelines to being expunged, which is unique to every charge. If you were arrested, but the matter did not go to court, it is required for all law enforcement agencies to expunge the arrest from their databases. If the matter did go to court and one of the following occurred, your record would be expunged:

– Not officially charged with a crime
– Charges were dismissed
– Found not guilty
– You fully completed “supervision”

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