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The Types of Charges You Might Face From A Bar Fight

Jun 15, 2019 | Aggravated Battery, Assault Lawyer

Bar fights may not be viewed as a big deal, but the repercussions from engaging in one might be. You could walk away from a bar fight with both parties remaining uninjured, but that does not mean you will be free of consequence. No matter what the outcome is, fights are illegal in a multitude of ways.

Below is a list of possible charges you could face if you are involved in a bar fight:

You could be charged with disturbance of peace if you start or join a public fight. You do not even have to become physically involved with the fight to receive this charge. If you use offensive and explicit language to cause someone to want to start a fight, you still may be charged with disturbing the peace.
Attempting to cause violence or disturbance to another individual will cause you to receive an assault charge. Assault is separate from actually physically harming another person. Putting an individual in a potentially dangerous situation- by trying to start a fight- is considered assault.
If you actually use force in efforts to cause an individual harm, you might be charged with battery. Battery can either be charged as a misdemeanor offense or felony, depending on if the individual faced serious harm or injury.

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