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Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest occurs when an individual attempts to elude arresting officers, either by the threat or use of physical force, fleeing on foot or by vehicle, or providing false identification. In making an arrest, police are authorized to use reasonable force; the definition of “reasonable force,” however, is a gray area that often gives rise — sometimes legitimately, sometimes not — to a charge of police misconduct. Needless to say, once you have been arrested and charged with resisting arrest, sorting out whether the charge is real or fabricated takes the skills of an experienced criminal attorney.

If you have been arrested and subsequently charged resisting arrest, please contact David B. Franks immediately. Mr. Franks understands that resisting arrest is a serious charge that further complicates the original reason for arrest, and may represent a violation of your rights under Illinois law. Call David B. Franks today, at 847.854.7700, to schedule an appointment to review and evaluate your case.

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