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Obstruction of Justice

Interfering with the work of police officers, crime investigators, regulatory agencies, government officials, or prosecutors can result in an obstruction of justice charge. Obstruction of justice may involve lying, concealing evidence, destroying or altering evidence, or providing a false alibi or testimony. Even if the charges against the accused are dropped or if the accused is found innocent, obstruction of justice charges may still stand and result in harsh penalties.

If you have been charged with obstruction of justice, you should waste no time in retaining the services of a qualified criminal attorney. An obstruction of justice case can be quite intricate and complex and only a qualified and experience criminal attorney can assist you. David B. Franks, a former McHenry County and Cook County prosecutor, will evaluate your case, act quickly and aggressively to protect your rights, and present you with the best defense options. Call David B. Franks today, at 847.854.7700, to schedule an appointment to review and evaluate your case.

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