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Oct 28, 2013 | David B. Franks, Winnebago County

DUI-testimonial033Being charged with a crime, no matter how large or small, misdemeanor or felony, in Winnebago County is a serious matter.  A conviction can follow you around for years, negatively impacting your reputation, livelihood, Future employment prospects, marriage, family life, and the very basic freedoms that we all take for granted.  For these reasons, retaining the services of a competent and aggressive criminal attorney who will FIGHT FOR YOU and defend you with the utmost conviction and dedication.  But where you ask, can you find such an attorney?

David B. Franks is such a man.  A man of integrity with the tightly-held conviction that all individuals deserve an excellent defense on their day in court, David B. Franks has dedicated himself to the service of those who have been accused of DUI and Criminal Defense.  Many of his former clients consider him a friend by the end of the defense process, citing his empathy, concern for the accused’s personal well-being, and his determination to provide a rigourous and thorough defense which will provide a favorable outcome.

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