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Lakemoor Embezzlement Criminal Charge

Feb 15, 2013 | Criminal Defense

Those individuals arrested for Lakemoor embezzlement must understand their criminal defense legal rights.  David B. Franks of Franks & Rechenberg, PC, can analyze your criminal charge and help you to understand your rights and possible defense strategies.  The consequences of your Lakemoor arrest for a criminal charge depends on the severity of your offense, and what type of penalties it carries.  There is a big difference between a felony and misdemeanor offense, whether you have more than one charge pending, whether this is your first offense, and so on, and your defense must be tailored accordingly.  

If you have been arrested in Lakemoor for embezzlement or any other criminal charge, you need to hire an aggressive and experienced criminal attorney such as David B. Franks.  Call 847-854-7700 today for your free initial consultation.



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