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Getting a DUI in Huntley is no joking matter. It’s a serious crime with consequences that can be quite devestating. First, there is the matter of the arrest, which creates a criminal record all by itself, regardless of the charge. Then there is the matter of the DUI charge:

According to Jeremy Richey, State’s Attorney for Moultrie County IL:

“A DUI case and arrest may be expunged if a person is found not guilty after a trial or if the DUI charge is dismissed. But, if a person pleads guilty to a DUI charge or is found guilty of a DUI charge, then the person cannot expunge his DUI case. This is true even if the person receives a sentence of judicial supervision.”

What this means is: If you are convicted of DUI, it is going to follow you around forever.

In addition to the possibility of jail time, large fines, and other court-ordered penalties, a DUI conviction causes a lot of collateral damage. You might lose your job, have a hard time finding another job, or be limited in your choice of future employment. You won’t be able to apply for a government job, or any job offered by a school or institution that receives government grants or funding, or any job that requires driving – you won’t even be able to deliver pizzas! Renting an apartment may also difficult, according to the American Apartment Owners Association, which says that landlords may turn down your rental application if you have been convicted of a crime “which was a threat to property in the past five years. Included in this could be drunk driving convictions, burglary convictions, robbery convictions, and other such misbehaviors.”

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