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Have you been wrongfully arrested in McHenry County?

Aug 3, 2013 | Wrongful Arrest

Wrongful Arrest is always regrettable for the invidual who has been arrested falsely.  Wrongful arrest also arises out of malice, incompetence, racism, or personal gain.  A wrongful arrest, which is often accompanied by wrongful imprisonment, can be not only embarrassing and damaging to youro repuration, but can result in other factors and longer lasting consequences, such as physical injury from the use of excesssive physical force or the use of a tazer, loss of wages and loss of employment, or unseen trauma that may result in illness (either physical, mentally, or emotionally).   All these matters need to be put before a judge in order to determine if you should receive compensation.

If you believe that you have wrongfully arrested or detained, provide David B. Franks of Franks and Rechenberg, P.C. with the exact details of what was said and done.  Mr. Franks will help you decide if you want to go forward with a Wrongful Arrest case, counsel you and guide you through the proceedings.  Call 847-854 today to arrange a free initial consultation with David B. Franks concerning your wrongful arrest.

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