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Guilty Pleas: Are They Ever A Good Idea?

Feb 25, 2020 | Chicago Criminal Law, Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense Attorney

The courtroom might seem like a thrilling experience when witnessed on screen. But it is much more severe and life-changing when you’re in that room. Under that scenario, is pleading guilty a good choice? If the Prosecutor offers to drop some charges in exchange for a plea deal, then pleading guilty may be favorable. That might allow you to receive a sentence of Court Supervision, which may allow you to expunge the record of your arrest at a later date.
Before pleading guilty, have in mind that you will not contest the charges. In most cases, your defense attorney and the Prosecutor have reached a plea deal, a negotiated plea. When you don’t plead guilty, your case will be scheduled for Trial. When you schedule your case for Trial, the Prosecutor will usually revoke their offer for a negotiated plea. When you answer “Ready” for Trial, in many instances, the Prosecutor may offer an acceptable negotiated plea. Seek the advice of your defense attorney before making any decision. Your defense attorney will be able to spell out the pros and cons of any action you might want to take.

Plea Bargain
If it is a minor offense, some prosecutors will offer a favorable sentence. But if you’re facing a serious Misdemeanor or Felony charge, the Prosecutor’s offer may be harsh.
Social Consequences

The moment you plead guilty, you will receive the full brunt of the results. If you are convicted, your professional license and job may be at risk. If you are sentenced to Court Supervision, the consequences may be less severe. Some individuals might begin to isolate themselves from you due to your status.

Benefits Of Pleading Guilty
When an individual refuses to plead guilty, it may take months or years to proceed to Trial. With this lengthy course, the individual might feel anxious and in a state of limbo. There might even be multiple extensions that might push the trial date back. A plea of guilty may lessen this anxiety.

Wrapping Up!
The criminal defendant might not have too many options, but don’t overlook an alternative to a conviction. Through a plea bargain, the defendant might receive a sentence of Court Supervision, or enter a diversion program, which will prevent criminal penalties.

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