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Fox River Grove Police Forgery Arrest

Apr 16, 2013 | Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense Attorney, McHenry County Criminal Charge

Forgery is a criminal offense that includes such activities as trying to cash stolen checks, falsifying information on a loan application (such as for a house, or pay stubs to get a car loan), faking vote petitions, or creating phony advertising contracts.  The penalties for most types of forgery are substantial, as forgery is classified as a felony offense, and convictions may include jail time, large fines, probation, community service, and in some cases, even the loss of some civil privileges.

There are many different type of fraud committed in Fox River Grove and other areas throughout McHenry County.  A surprising number of thefts and forgery are committed by government officials or trustees in charge of community funds in addition to the usual rash of check forgeries.    If you have been arrested for a Fox River Grove forgery, you should contact a experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who will protect your rights, stand up for you in court, and use all the resources available in order to help you plead to a lesser charge, get a suspended sentence, or even get the charges dropped.

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