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Do You Need a DuPage County Criminal Lawyer for a Drug Posession?

It is illegal to possess any amount of Heroin, Cocaine, Morphine, or LSD in Illinois. The possession of less than 15 grams of any these substances is a Class 4 Felony.

Penalties for possession of these drugs is as follows:

  • Less than 15 grams = Class 4 Felony
  • Not less than 15 grams, but less than 100 grams = not less than 4 years and not more than 15 years;
  • Not less than 100 grams, but less than 400 grams = not less than 6 years and not more than 30 years;
  • Not less than 400 grams, but less than 900 grams = not less than 8 years and not more than 40 years;
  • Not less than 900 grams = not less than 10 years and not more than 50 years.

In addition to these penalties, you may be fined for the street value of the drugs, or up to $200,000.

Have You Been Arrested on a Drug Charge in DuPage County?

A charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance such as those outlined above is quite serious; as such, you should not attempt to defend yourself in court. Rather, you should hire an experienced Criminal Lawyer who has successfully defended numerous clients accused of Possession. If you are found with any sizeable quantity of a Controlled Substance, you will most likely be charged with Possession With Intent To Distribute, which carries a very real threat of jail time.  Foe example, a qualified Criminal Attorney can determine whether the evidence against you (such as owning a scale to measure the amount to be distributed, baggies for packaging, large amounts of cash on hand, and so on) was obtained legally, or in the case of a vehicle stop, whether the officer had sufficient grounds for the stop.

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Drawing upon his eight years of experience as an Assistant State’s Attorney and seven years as a criminal defense attorney, Defense Attorney David B. Franks understands the intricacies of criminal defense, and consistently achieves outstanding results for his clients using his skill as a researcher, negotiator and advocate.  Mr. Franks is committed to his clients and strives to provide them with the best defense, and aggressively represents his clients from the beginning of a criminal investigation through trial.

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