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Disorderly Conduct in Addison

Jun 3, 2015 | DuPage County

  • A 29 year old Addison man was arrested in S. York Street at around 1:06 a.m. Police said he was stopped by an employee at a local bar after he attempted to leave the bar with an open bottle. According to police, he threw the bottle into a victim’s chest and it broke on the ground. He then reportedly saw an officer and attempted to run, but was taken into custody after running into the officer’s stopped vehicle. He was charged with battery and disorderly conduct / public intoxication.
  • A 37 year old Wheaton man was arrested at a local bar. The man reportedly refused to pay his bill.  When police arrived, they found the man outside with the restaurant owner. The restaurant owner told police that the man left the restaurant without paying the bill, but would press charges if the bill was paid. Later that afternoon, police were called to the same restaurant because the same man was reported as being intoxicated and sleeping in the parking lot. He was charged with public intoxication/disorderly conduct.
  • A 62 year old Addison resident was arrested by police for suspicion of public intoxication.  It had been reported than an intoxicated man walking on a sidewark near the park. Upon stopping and questioning the man, police found that he was highly intoxicated. The officers directed him to a grassy area away from the road, and then reportedly began doing abdominal crunches.

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