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Criminal Damage to Property in Lake in the Hills

Apr 5, 2013 | Criminal Defense, Juvenile Criminal Law

Juvenile offenders charged with Criminal Damage to Property in Lake in the Hills IL will soon find out that this is a serious charge.  Painting graffiti on buildings, destructin of property, or knocking over gravestones may just seem like high-spirited fun and hijinks at the time they are committed, but the consequences are no laughing matter.  Although most of such offenses are misdemeanors, the penalties may be severe.  In some cases, such as those that involve breaking and entering, or buglary or theft (no matter how small the amount), juveniles may be taken from the home and incarcerated, or receive other harsh penalties or fines.

Having an experienced attorney who understands juvenile law is imperitive if your child has been charged with Criminal Damage to Property in Lake in the Hills, IL.  Attorney David B. Franks will work hard to get juveniles a favorable outcome, negotiated probationary period, or if possible, get the charges dropped if your child qualifies for youth offender status.  Call Attorney David B. Franks today to see how he can assist you or your child who has been charged with a criminal offense in Lake in the Hills, IL.

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