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Child Endangerment

Because today’s society places a great deal of value on the safety of children, a charge of child endangerment is a very serious charge. Placing a child in jeopardy, whether from neglect, domestic violence, or exposure to a variety of harmful influences and activities such as criminal activity, firearms, pornographic material, or exposure to toxic chemicals.

If you have been accused of child endangerment, you should retain the services of a qualified attorney immediately. Child endangerment has a number of potential defenses and in many instances, charges may be dropped entirely. For instance, contested divorces or child custody hearings may give rise to false charges of child endangerment.

If you, a family member, or a friend have been charged with child endangerment, please contact David B. Franks immediately. Mr. Franks understands that child endangerment is a serious charge and that time is of the essence when developing a defense, and will act quickly to ensure that your rights are defended to the full extent of the law. Call David B. Franks today at 847.854.7700 to schedule an appointment to review and evaluate your case.

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